Welcome to the Wolf Science Center (WSC)

The research triangle of the WSC: wolf, dog and human connected by relationship, history and development; in the center cooperation and emotion

The Wolf Science Center was founded to investigate the common characteristics shared by wolf, dog and man. Our wolves and dogs are hand raised by our scientists and take part in regular tasks concerning cooperation and cognition. Thus we maintain a close and mutually satisfying relationship, that enables us to explore the cognitive capabilities of our animals and keeps them alive as well as mentally and physically fit.

Come to visit us at the Wildpark Ernstbrunn (deer/game/wildlife park) near to Vienna and watch some of our scientific  activities and interactions with the wolves or take part/participate in one of our programs

News / Diary

Baby-Owls at the WSC

Which animals we also now handraise (16.04.2014, Lizzy Baxter)

By stimulating the side of their tiny beak with small pieces of meat, they will quickly gulp down these pieces and respond with a satisfied chirping that reminds you of a songbird.

News / Dates

04.07.2014, Howl-Night

Or: barbecueing sausages, listening to tales, wolves in the spotlight!
Portrait vom jungen weißen Wolf Kenai, der heult

Since ever you wanted to hear wolves howling in the night? Listening tales, myths and fact about these fascinating animals, while sitting at a camp fire? Then get bewitched in our Howl-Night.


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About us / Our wolves


Our white favourite
Der Wolf Wapi - leider ist er im Frühjahr 2012 verstorben

What is white, fuzzy and jumps up and down when he is happy? No, it's not a polar bear with long and deformed legs. Wapi, a rubber ball in wolf's clothing. His name means "I love you" and fits his friendly and impetuous character. Wapi died on June, …

About us / Our dogs


The independent one
Nia is one of our smaller dogs

The wiry Nia is a content, independent she-dog. While other dogs knot their legs and bark their throats coarse, she stay absolutely calm. …

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DVD Set "Together with wolves under a blanket" ("Mit Wölfen unter einer Decke")

"Universum" Documentation about the Wolf Science Center

For one year the Wolf Science Center was accompanied by the "Universum"-Team.

In this documentation you will get an insight into the impressive research on the mental and social abilities of dogs and wolves and the hand-raising of wolf-puppies!