Welcome to the Wolf Science Center (WSC)

The research triangle of the WSC: wolf, dog and human connected by relationship, history and development; in the center cooperation and emotion

The Wolf Science Center was founded to investigate the common characteristics shared by wolf, dog and man. Our wolves and dogs are hand raised by our scientists and take part in regular tasks concerning cooperation and cognition. Thus we maintain a close and mutually satisfying relationship, that enables us to explore the cognitive capabilities of our animals and keeps them mentally and physically fit.

Come to visit us at the Wildpark Ernstbrunn (deer/game/wildlife park) near Vienna and watch some of our scientific  activities and interactions with the wolves or take part/participate in one of our programs

News / Diary

When bones are cracking

(28.07.2017, Viola Magierski)

Keeping carnivores in captivity is certainly an interesting an explosive topic. Very often, visitors ask us how we feed the wolves and what kind of food they get.


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About us / Our wolves


Taima is our second female from the wolf puppy generation of 2016. She is a gentle one if getting in touch, but she is still shy and prefers to observe what's happening from a little distance. …

About us / Our dogs


The independent one
Nia is our smallest dog. She has a short, sleek, allover light-brown-golden fur. Her discerning facial expression shows her independence and self-confidence. But yet, behind this cool front there is a delicate

The small Nia is a quite independent dog. She can also be quite excited when people are passing her enclosure but she prefers food over petting. Sometimes she is crazily asking to be stroked but most of the time she holds herself back and tries to …