The WSC in the wildpark Ernstbrunn

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Where can you find us in the wildpark?
Our enclosures and buildings are distributed over the wildpark like this:

First enclosure: Ca. 300 m above the entrance, direct on the main route, you find the first enclosure with our puppy-raising house. This enclosure is equipped with floodlights, which are turned on i.e. at our Howl Nights  for presentation of our wolves in good light.

From the puppy enclosure you already can see our testing house. This is surrounded by  2 wolf enclosures, each with a direct entry to the testing rooms inside the building. Through half-mirrored windows you have the possibility how we are working in the testing rooms withour animals. The windows in the tunnel are shielded from day-light by a red cover. For not disturbing our work with the animals, we ask interested visitors to be quiet there! 

Following  the route round the wolf enclosures, you will come to the dog enclosures and the dog house, the last station of the Center. Certainly our dogs are gladly waiting for you. Here you also have the possibility to look on the animals at work in the dog house or just to watch the life in the pack.

We are looking forwardd to your visit!