Become patron of one on our wolves!

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Become wolf patron for one year lor longer! You also can adopt your wolf for life.

Help the wolves and our project by becoming a wolf patron.


What are the costs of?

to current knowledge the optimal keeping of a wolf requires the following conditions:

  •  food,
  • veterinarian care,
  • toys (normally not of long life) and
  • activity provided nearly permanent present human caregivers: they make the animals to think by daily "brain-jogging" tasks and motivate them to physical work.

The costs for one wolf are approximately € 15.000,- per year.

Your benefit as a patron

A wolf patron personally can get acquainted with "his" wolf as a social complexe animal and character!

  • You become automatically an associate member of the Wolf Science Center by adoption of a wolf.
  • You learn more about "your" wolf and the life of wolves in general by regular informations.
  • You can directly meet "your" wol f in the enclosure (without fence), as long the situation, the behaviour and the character of the wolf allows it.

Wolf-patron or VIP-patron?

You can assume the patronage as a wolf-patron or as a VIP-patron.


  • Wolf-patrons pay  EUR 250,- per year
  • Wolf-patrons are invited by us at certain dates to learn more about "their" wolf.


  • VIP-patrons pay EUR 5.000,- per year or more
  • The performance on our part will be arranged individually
  • The name of the VIP-patron or the name and/or the company-logo of the VIPpatron will appear on our website for the durance of the patronage

Please contact us for further informations