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What does RSS mean?

RSS is an electronic data interchange for the publication of amendments on webpages.
Using a so-called RSS channel one can provide short blocks of informations - mainly consisting of a headline, a teaser and the link to the page concerned. The supply of such data is also called RSS-Feed.

What for do I need RSS?

You are enabled by the RSS service always to be topically informed. And that without email messaging or having to look to the webpages.
I you have subscribed an RSS channel you will get the update informations to your RSS-Reader. There all of the informations are collected and you are able to configure their contents according to your wishes.

How can I use the RSS service nutzen? 

For subscription of an RSS service the URL (Address) of the channel has to be pasted into the corresponding program.

The easiest way to subscribe an RSS service is to use the browser itself. Most of the up-to-date browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome have already integrated appropriate Reader controlling the contents by live-bookmarks. To use the Feed you just have to clock to the provided link.

Further possibilities for the use of an RSS service are

  • up-to-date email programs like Outlook or Thunderbird,
  • online RSS-Reader as provided e.g. by iGoogle or
  • original RSS-Reader programs, which can be downloaded and installed easily and free.

A recommendable description of  RSS and how to use it can be found under http://www.techfacts.de/rss-was-genau-ist-das-eigentlich.

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