Scientific tests

The core of our work

How do animals learn, by whom do they learn, what can they do at their best? 

We try to answer these cognitive biological questions by a series of tests.

From raising to the commands through to the construction of our facility everything implies the possibility of performing scientific tests.

Scientific tests are for our animals a

  • wellcome challenge,
  • relief,
  • play and fun

A small selection of regular tests will be explained here.

  • Do females use their sexual status to gain resource access? Investigating food-for-sex in wolves and dogs

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  • The risk tolerance in dogs and wolves differs. Renate Mowlan explains the test we did to figure it out.

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  • Training reduces stress in wolves as much as in dogs

    The third comicstrip by Renate Mowlam

    Training ist healthy and reduces stress! In humans, in dogs, and in wolves as well.

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  • Wolves are better imitators of conspecifics than dogs

    The second comicstrip by Renate Mowlam

    In her second comicstrip for the WSC, Renate Mowlam refers to our study, where we investigate, whether wolves or dogs are better imitators of conspecifics. For this research project, one of our team dogs showed our wolves as well as our dogs, how to open a box with food. Guess who learned faster...

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  • Study about Neophobia

    Science in Pictures

    Renate Mowlam, an artist based in Vienna, just started a fabulous project: She turns our scientific tests into comics. The illustrated little stories are both entertaining and easily understood, which is why we really love Renate's work.
    The first strip, shown above, explains our neophobia study.
    Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

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  • Touchscreen

    Investigations of logical thinking

    "Our animals work with a computer" – that perplexes everyone. On the touch-screen you easily can put different objects in random sequences direct in front of their nose.
    Thus we can find out how good animals are at learning and whether they use priciples therefore.

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  • Learning Set

    Learning to learn!
    She-wolf lying before a yellow mold with a treat beneath it

    Practice makes perfect.We want to find our, whether wolves and dogs can learn how one learns. And how do we do that? With coloured sand molds and tasty goodies...

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