Research projects

Our mental and financial standing leg

For a closer investigation in the frame of specific research projects scientists attract so-called third-party-funds. In this case the financing does not come from the ministry or University concerned, but in particular from public research funding like e.g. the "Fund for the Promotion fo Scientific Research" (FWF) in Austria.

Third-party-fundraising is an important aim at many universities and the committment resp. the success of the third-party fundraising by the collaborators a criterion for their professional progress.

Here you find a summary of our short- and long-term projects.

  • Short-term research projects at the WSC

    Often initiations or additions for long-term projects
    Hakima schaut im Alter von 8 Wochen in die Kamera.

    Short-term projects run only a few months for the investigation of a small, very clearly defined aspect of a specific question.

  • Long-term research projects at the WSC

    .. daily work, often for years ..
    Portrait of a wolf as a puppy and as an adult

    Here you can learn more about all of the research projects running longer than a year. In these longer projects we also can observe e.g. development and progress of the animals.