Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Days of Wolves

    (04.09.2018, Elisabeth Bittermann)

    Early in the morning on my way from the WSC office house to the test-house, when I pass the pot-bellied pigs, they are still lying under the archway of their enclosure, tenderly snoozing.

    It is wonderfully quiet, wolf Wamblee lies curled up in the grass, a bit further above Geronimo and Yukon are standing at the fence to take a glance at the appearing person.

  • On a visit – stuck with the WSC

    (24.08.2018, Laura Reutelsterz)

    Tina Gunhold-de Oliveira

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    Dr. Tina Gunhold-de Oliveira
    Wolf Science Center (WSC)
    Operations Assistant
    Agenda planning & Controlling

    Dörfles 48
    - Wildpark Ernstbrunn
    A - 2115 Ernstbrunn

    phone: +43 699 106 306 12
    web: www.wolfscience.at

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    Hallo Tina,
    was lange währt wird endlich gut... meine Freundin hatte den Text vergessen, deshalb hats ne Weile gedauert...

    On a visit – stuck with the WSC

    Some things have changed, others persist.

    Throughout the last years the ScienceCenter has become primarily one thing: bigger!

  • Happy end for Maisha

    (03.08.2018, Lara Keeler)

    When I applied for the student scientific intern role I knew I would come home with lots of new things; new experiences, information, skills and friends. However, I never expected to come home with one of these new friends, let alone that they would come in the form of a scruffy looking four-legged companion.

  • Every beginning is... great!

    (13.07.2018, Monika Bryszewska)

    I've been at the WSC for two weeks and the days have passed really fast. When you arrive, the variety of impressions blends into an impressive multisensual kaleidoscope: all the sounds, colors, smells, faces and names – whether human or animal – plenty of information, places, directions, spaces, paths ... it's just overwhelming.

  • Summertime at the WSC

    (19.06.2018, Barbara Steininger)

    These days, when 30 degrees are the rule rather than the exception, it certainly has some benefits to belong to the human group of employees at the Wolf Science Center.