The cuddly monster

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Gender Male
Date of birth 18.04.2012
Origin Haliburton Forest, Kanada
siblings Kay
Pack Geronimo Pack;
together with Geronimo & Yukon

When looking at Wamblee many visitors see first his glowing, yellowish eyes. They form a nice contrast to his black fur. This extraordinary pretty, a quite gracile male loves to be petted for hours by his caregivers. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on him since this little scamp has some funny ideas sometimes. 

Wamblee …

... appearance

Except form a white spot on his chest, Wamblee has been born completely black. With increasing age his paws and legs as well as the face are starting to get white/grey. For a male wolf he is quite gracile.

... with conspecifics


Wamblee would like to be grittier than he actually is. A slight rebuke for Geronimo is enough that his whole world is changing and collapsing. This is also the reason why sometimes it is possible to observe him standing in the enclosure with tail tucked in.

Yukon however, is his beg love! Quite often he is joining her and pushing her with his nose, that she starts playing with him. 

... at learning and in interaction with us

He loves it doing something together with his caregivers. He learns really quick and he is always motivated to learn something new. 

Sometimes, however, he is quite anxious especially when confronted with a novel object that he should learn to touch. That means humans need a lot of patience to get him used to a new test apparatus, especially if the apparatus is moving when being touched. 

... with strangers

He loves his humans and enjoy to be petted for hours. With strangers he is a bit more hesitant. Outside of the enclosure he is great with them but inside the enclosure he is not so happy with them, but slowly, sowly he is improving. 

... at the vet

With the Vet and also in general during veterinary examinations he is perfect. He is letting us treating him with a lot of patience and also if he has wounds we can wash and disinfect them without any problems.

... as puppy

What is small, black and has a white dot on the chest and frolics around the room? It’s Wamblee, Kay’s “little brother”. Even though they are the same ages, Wamblee looks younger. When the two arrived and started to wrestle, Wamblee was always the one who was lying on the bottom. At first we were worried about him. He had weaker muscles that are used for swallowing and we had to be careful when feeding him. Also, one of his eyes was still closed while he had already opened the other one. Now, with his growth, all of his quirks are gone. He has become a normal, small and playful wolf who already is in everyone’s heart. And he loooooooooooooooooves Amarok.