Quite naughty!

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Gender Female
Date of birth 21.04.2009
Origin Tripple D Farm, Montana, USA
Pack The unforgotten;
together with Apache, Cherokee, Ela, Kay, Tayanita & Wapi

Unfortunately Tatonga left us one day before Christmas, succumbing to an epileptic seizure. It happened overnight, when neither of us were there to help her. We ried everything we could do to fight her illness, but sadly, we could not win.

Tatonga …

... appearance


Since she had an accident with a head injury when she was still a puppy her behaviour is sometimes a little bit different. Then she's "a little nuts at the moment", hopping and jumping throughout the enclosure, shows little impulse control and isn't able to be focused longer, yet she is one of the best at the touchscreen.

... with conspecifics

By her unusual behaviour the pretty she-wolf is predestinated for mobbing by the other wolves - especially when she was in one pack together with Nanuk, Geronimo and Yukon. This was a further reason for splitting the pack. Tatonga and Geronimo formed their own pack for a long time. It worked well, though Tatonga was not allowed very much and sometimes even was not able to get her share of the prey in time.

Since the end of  2012 Tatonga and Apache are in one pack. Now she seems to be entirely happy. Why didn't we guess it earlier to put together our two graceful and a little strange wolves?

Tatonga flourishes and in her own way she repeatedly is the "chief". Now she gets her share in feed and caressing.

In July 2012, when on a walk, Tatonga sniffed out the marking of a neighbour dog at his garden fence. She started to mark over it, lifting first one leg and then the other! Who until now knew, that wolves lift even both legs when marking?


... at learning and in interaction with us

In our weekly pack meetings Tatonga at first stays a little away from us. Bit by bit she then builds up her courage and starts to apporach. And after a while she even likes to be stroked. As many of our wolves she feels more comfortable in the near of familiar persons than with absolute strangers.

... with strangers

Tatonga was the eldest of the four puppies. She was larger-than-average, adventureous, stubborn, trustful and cheeky -  preferably looking for someone to be bothered.

Tatonga once had an accident and evil voices say, that "she has fallen on her head". Despite immediate treatment you still can recognize in the sometimes weird coordination of Tatonga, that she has a screw loose.