Resolute girl

The young she-wolf lies in the shadow looking attentively into the camera Photo: Walter Vorbeck Image 1 of 3 Open lightbox

Gender Female
Date of birth 18.04.2012
Origin Haliburton Forest, Kanada
siblings Wamblee
Pack The unforgotten;
together with Apache, Cherokee, Ela, Tatonga, Tayanita & Wapi

Our little Kay is the sister of Wamblee. But their appearances couldn't be more different. Wamblee is the only black wolf in a pack of 6 puppies whereas Kay fits perfectly with the other bright colored kids. But her fur is still very special: from all the puppies in the pack, her fur is the most evenly colored. From her ears to her hind legs are the colors light brown with a mix of grey. She doesn't really have any special marks, but that doesn't make her any less sweet. And her eyes really captivate you. She has big eyes which have, when you look closely, an exceptional beautiful color. When the sun shines in her eyes, it will reflect in the form of yellow and green spots. 


When looking at her behavior, there is quite a lot to say about Kay. She is wild, fearless, sometimes a little mean, very affectionate and very brave. We would say that she is very rebellious and cheeky. Everything that looks interesting, moves or just lies in her path, will be thoroughly examined.  This, unfortunately, also includes our feet which are often nibbled on by sharp puppy teeth. Nibbling on stuff is her favorite way to pass the time. She also has a lovely habit of taking half eaten rabbit feet or chicken wings to her human trainers, sit in their lap and start nibbling on the toes of the trainer. Generally, when it comes to food, she is not to be trifled with. Although she is still much smaller than the 4 Americans, she makes up for it in defending her meat. When defending her meat she is growling and biting like crazy. And apparently it works since the big puppies rarely rumble with her about food. 


Kay has an endless supply of energy. She is often the last one to go to sleep and the first one to wake up in the morning. And whenever there is play going on, be it hunting, fighting or anything else that looks like fun, she will participate. But she also loves to cuddle. She loves to fall asleep huddled up against her human trainer and during the night we often hear a sweet snore from her. 


When it comes to howling, she could still use some practice. Although she always joins the others in a howl, it still sounds more like a whine. But of course that also has its charm.