Beautiful & Shy

Geronimo poses on the roof of his shelter Photo: Walter Vorbeck Image 1 of 3 Open lightbox

Gender Male
Date of birth 02.05.2009
Origin Tripple D Farm, Montana, USA
siblings Yukon
Pack Geronimo Pack;
together with Wamblee & Yukon

Geronimo is beautiful and he knows it. A dream for every wolf photographer!

His godparents and his (human) colleagues of the WSC are calling him "Sir Geronimo"

He has a great aversion to strangers - but loves to get scratched for hours by people he trusts. Due to his strong leadership - whether he is with Tatonga or just with Kenai - it's clear that he is the one calling the shots.

Geronimo …

... appearance

Geronimo is a beautiful, large wolf with facial markings perceived as "typical".

... with conspecifics

Geronimo learned a lot and is now a confident leader of his pack. In contrast to other pack leaders it is not necessary for him to demonstrate his position all the time. Exactly this is why he is such a nice leader and makes it possible to give also more “difficult wolves” a home. Insecure individuals, like Kenai and Wamblee are snapping towards the other individual if they feel uncomfortable. Geronimo is really generous with them and is just ignoring their behaviour. That way he is giving more and more self-confidence to the insecure animal.  

... at learning and in interaction with us

Geronimo is very cooperative and successful in his work as a research partner. He seems to be intelligent, but shows only little patience, if things are not running to his mind. 

He is as trustful in known persons as he's shy to strangers. He likes to sniff at ouf hair and ears or nudges us with his big nose. 


... with strangers

Towards unfamiliar humans he is really sceptical and keeps distance. Only occasionally he is ready to have contact with them. However, towards unknown objects he is really open and interested in exploring them. 

... at the vet

Geronimo knows our veterinarian and treats her quite normal. He puts up with nearly everything.

... as puppy

Geronimo was our little Rambo. He cried thus long, until he was fed by somebody, but clamoured, too, if he was awakened simply by inattention. On the other hand he was the first one looking for the physical contact with Bea, one of our trainers, to sleep in the nearness to man.