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Gender female
Date of birth 4th May 2016
Origin Canada
siblings Etu
Pack The unforgotten;
together with Apache, Cherokee, Kay, Tatonga, Tayanita & Wapi

Ela is one of our two females from our wolf puppy generation of 2016. She is a very friendly wolf that behaves very nicely, at least as long as she is not animated by her brother Etu to do stupid stuff. Sometimes she is in a real cuddle mood and loves it to be petted. From time to time she appears to be scared for no reason, but it is only for a short moment and then she keeps on behaving like nothing happened. It does not prevent her from going on adventures.

Ela …

... appearance

She has the same for Timberwolves typical coloration as her brother. However, regarding her stature she is smaller and not as big and bulky as Etu. She appears more elegant than him, with a slimmer face and pointier nose. While his eyes have a light, greenish yellow tone, hers have a beautiful bright yellow with an orangey touch.

... with conspecifics

Ela is a gentle wolf that is not harsh to the other pack members. In the contrary; she is kind and calm and does not really argue with them. The other two exploit that from time to time. Maikan, the leader of the pack, and Etu, her brother, try to steal her food occasionally and every now and then they are successful. Apparently, she is constantly learning from living together with them. When it comes to food the little lady learned to forget all “manners” and is just wolfing down her rabbit, because all that is swallowed cannot be stolen.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Her gentle behavior is also reflected in the way how she interacts with us. She is a happy and friendly wolf that is not pushy at all and always motivated to work. When she is in her cuddly mood, then she loves to be petted and scratched all over. She is also way smarter than her brother or at least she knows how to focus on a task. While Etu is a restless volcano of stupid ideas, she manages to sit and focus on a task. That is how she reached a higher level on the "Object Permanence Test" way faster than him.

... with strangers

Ela is a friendly, well-behaving wolf that loves to go on walks with strangers or greeting them in the pack visit. She is not rushing at people, but approaching them in her own pace and checking them out.

... as puppy

Well, actually we count and call them still our puppies, even though they will be one year old at the 4th of May, 2017. In the wild she might already have left the pack to found an own one, but at the WSC she is still happily living with her brother Etu and one of her co-puppies from Russia, Maikan.

Already as a puppy, she had her calm character, probably one of the reasons, why she always was one of the lowest ranking puppies in the puppy hierarchy. Another one might be that she did not develop as fast as the others. She was a little bit clumsier and not as strong-willed as the others. Nevertheless, she always tried to keep up with them and managed to develop into a pretty and nice young wolf.