The clown of the pack

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Gender Male
Date of birth 04.04.2012
Origin Minesota Wildlife Connection
siblings Una
Pack Tala pack;
together with Tala

Chitto is one of our easygoing wolves. He doesn’t take life too seriously and usually gets what he wants by being obnoxiously “nice” to the higher ranking pack members.

He’s a real sweetheart, winning everyone over with his very gentle character. If there’s tension in his relationships, he’ll try to fix the situation with play.

Chitto …

... appearance

Chitto is our tallest—but not our heaviest—wolf. He has a light brown coat and relatively thick legs and big feet. He’s easy to recognize by his most striking feature: his gorgeous blue eyes.

... with conspecifics

Despite his position as #4 in Kaspar`s pack, Chitto had an easy life. Both Kaspar and Aragorn have been quite relaxed around him, and he often managed to con them out of something he wanted by being annoying and submissive. This strategy worked well for him, and the two higher-ups almost always gave in. But every now and then he challenged them, and they have been forced to take him seriously and put him in his place.

Since 2016 he is the alpha male and now he has to cope with the puppies who are acting in the same way he did, when he was young. And how life goes, it is not easy if you are confronted with your own personality. Especially not, if there are even two of the same kind and on top they party harder than your ever did.

... at learning and in interaction with us

When it comes to testing and working with us and working with the staff, Chitto can “overthink” things. Unlike the black wolves who are diligent, routine workers, Chitto doesn’t know from one day to next whether he wants to oblige his human comrades, especially when he’s expected to shift between enclosures. Some days he wants to work and other days he doesn’t. But when he does, he’s great.

He’s a fast learner and a good problem solver. On the running belt he can be very finicky and picks up on increases in speed immediately. Because of this, we have to progress with his training in very small steps. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to get him used to getting on the treadmill from the side, and he’s almost at full trotting speed. Next he’ll be working on duration and fitness.

Come to find out, our wolves aren’t exactly fit. But that’s hard to see when you watch Chitto on the treadmill. He acts like a model on a runway—crossing one forepaw in front of the other—showing off his nice, long legs.

... with strangers

He has always been a cool and gentle guy around strangers. When he approaches new people, he sniffs and checks them out very carefully. During our pack visits, he likes being scratched, and he’s a relaxed walker when it´s his turn for our visitor program “Walking with a wolf.” 

... at the vet

He is equally good with our vet, who comes out once a week to train with our animals. Chitto happily allows her to do the routine check. Luckily he’s a very healthy guy and rarely needs anything apart from the usual treatments.

... as puppy

Chitto is a very curious little braggart, hiding behind his Rambo-like facade a tender character.

His sapphireblue eyes are really striking. Whereas all the other puppies have change their eye-colour since long from blue to yellow, his eyes only sometimes in the daytime change into a pale yellow and are blue again next morning.

Chitto has a rather calm personality, but wants to have ereything around him under control. Therefore he often lies on his side intensly watching, what happens in the puppy enclosure. he also loves scuffling and playing with the others.

During his early puppy time he favoured Una as partner in his games, whereas he liked to tease little Wamblee from time to time. We also had the impression of Chitto wanting to supersede the leader Amarok. When Kay and Wamblee were eating, he had no over the situation. If he tried to come to the feed, both vehemently defended it  and he had to wait until they had stuffed themselves.

Well-known persons get an intent and boisterous welcome by Chitto. That means for all: Take care of your noses! Against strangers initally he acts reserved but easliy cooperates as soon as feed is involved. Thus we could take impressive pictures of him and his nes VIP-sponsor.

At his first walks at the leash Chitto was very scared. His sister Tala Eristoff, however, kept totally cool, even when a donkey started his hee-haw!