Friendly wolf

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Gender Male
Origin Minnesota Wildlife Connection
siblings Tala Eristoff
Pack Amarok pack;
together with Kenai

Amarok is an open-minded wolf. With his confident character he quickle became leader of the puppy pack.

He is the palest of our puppies with a coat in all shades of grey. Only when lifting his taill you will see al little black at its tip.  At the beginning - when all puppies still were of  the same light-brown colour - Amarok could be distinguished by his dark under-eye circles as if he wouldn't have got enough sleep.

Apparently being the leader in the puppy pack he had to fight again and again with his brother Chitto to affirm the leadership. In contrast Wamblee loves Amarok like a big brother and follows him everywhere.

Amarok discovered his preference for the red fleece jackets, bites into the sleeves and tries - without regard to person in it - to snatch them. Obviously he also think it's funny to pull away the blankets from persons sleeping near him. Having been successful at that, he struggles with the other puppies for the best sleeping place and this normally is amidst on the puppy raiser.

Children are also loved by Amarok. Thus once he sat at the side of one trainers' niece for the whole afternoon and ejoyed entertainment and stroking.