Svenja Block

January 2012

During my internship at the WSC I've got a deep insight into the work with wolves and dogs. Iwas allowed to watch the trainings and to assist in the experiments as well as to deal with a lot of further routine-work. I like to accompany the wolf walks, where I can tell a lot about the WSC and of course about the wolves to the visitors.

Wolves are my absolute favourite animals, which fascinated me since ever. I grew up with dogs and trained my own dog over years. In addition I'm interested in behavioural biology and ecology. What's then nearer as to make an internship at the WSC?

I study biology in Tübingen/Germany with the focus on zoology and at the moment I am writing my diploma thesis at the Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle in Upper Austria on the behaviour of grey geese.

After my study I hope beeing able to work furtheron with (wild) animals and/or in the field of nature conservation and environment protection.

I'm passionate of travelling and hope to see much, much more of the world - and ideally even the one or the other wolf!

At the moment I miss the work with dogs and thus of course - as soon as time and money allow it - a dog of my own will come to my house again. Die Arbeit mit Hunden vermisse ich momentan sehr und so wird sicherlich, sobald es Zeit und Geld zulässt, wieder ein eigener Hund ins Haus kommen.