Sonja Bayreder

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Project at the WSC Non-scientific volunteer internship
With us since March 2017
Favourite animal at the WSC Meru
Companion Raudi

I am 32 yeary old, born and living in Vienna. Fortunatly, during my childhood, I could spend a lot of time in the countryside and in nature. Living accompanied by a dog for many years and enjoying it utterly, the respectful interaction between human and dog became crucial for me.

Wolves in particular are very special animals. They move gracefully and they are very curious at the same time. They have a wonderful way to communicate easily and clearly.
Having these wild animals nearby, is very reassuring - so as not to frighten them, everyone at the WSC moves very slow and quiet in theire presence.

Animal care, animal training and behavioural research in a professional way, like it is practiced at the WSC, are very new topics for me and therefore a great challenge to gain new skills and probably a chance to take a step in a new direction for long-term.

I am very happy, that wolves were once again sighted in Austria in Allentsteig, and I hope that they will be able to settle here too. It would be desirable for people to abandon their predecessors and to recognize and appreciate the positive effects of the presence of wolves in the forests.

I am looking forward to an exciting time at the WSC!