Petros Chrysafis

June 2014 - September 2014
University 2011-2015 University of Aberdeen
Project at the WSC Social interaction of captives wolves upon reunion
With us since June 2014
Favourite wolf tale Peter and the Wolf
Favourite wolf book The philosopher and the wolf
Favourite animal at the WSC Wamblee, Amarok, Chitto, Yukon, Enzi, Nuru
Favourite howling Kenai
Favourite wolf film Balto

I am Petros and I originate from Cyprus. Over the last 4 years I’ve been studying Zoology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I am hoping to continue my post graduate studies in the U.S.A.

I’ve arrived at the WSC at June and spend time working on my undergraduate dissertation. I’ve mostly look at how wolves react when a member of the pack is returned to them. I observed their behaviour when the separated wolf was within sight of the pack and outside of sight from the pack. I also compared the behaviours regarding the animal ranking.This has given me a great insight at how wolves behave with their pack members and has given me a lot of great memories which were cute or interesting to watch. The results have been exciting and the data is currently looked at in more depth.

My favourite moment at the WSC was when Wamblee got a new pack. When I first got here Wamblee was alone but I was lucky enough to observe and help at the procedures that took place to put him in a new pack. When I started my project Wamblee had been with Yukon for a while and it was really cute to see how much in love he is with her. When they were reunited they often played a lot and I was glad I got to see that.

I was also lucky enough to have a lot of wolves lick my face due to my facial hair so I got to know Chitto, Amarok and Kenai particularly well as they both spend a lot of time licking my face. Wamblee has become my favourite wolf because of how much he changed since I first got here. He changed from a shy wolf to quite confident and playful and it was interesting to see the change.

My time at the WSC was one that I will treasure forever. I’ve made great friends here and I do hope to return at some point!