Monika Bryszewska

Animals have been with me all my life: from tame snails to guinea pigs, cats, a one-eyed frog, birds, horses, dwarf rabbits and of course dogs – whether one's own, befriended or the protégés of the Berlin shelter. My volunteer work in the dog-AG, where I am allowed to work after 3-stage training with difficult-to-place dogs (currently with a Rottweiler lady Amira), is for me not only fulfilling a big heart's desire, but also a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at animal work.

The topics of sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare play an important role for me – whether privately or professionally. My love for animals and the first impressions that I have got in animal shelter work, in dealing with my own animals as well as collected experiences in professional workshops, eg, human-animal communication, have encouraged me in my decision to contribute my know-how in this very thematic context in the future and to continue to develop myself in the new „animal-focused“ direction. Since November 2016, I have been completing a part-time degree course in "Animal Welfare and Animal-Supported Therapy" at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. I have a great desire to work in the "animal field of action“ as soon as possible.

My time at the WSC is therefore like a present and a fulfillment of all my wishes at once for me :-) Here I have the best opportunity to work in the middle of nature up close with such great animals as dogs and wolves, to dabble in many fields of work and to gain both a lot of hands-on experience and new important ideas. So I am very happy to support the dedicated WSC team over the board and I just enjoy every single day in this very special place :-)