Laura Huber-Eustachi

January-May 2012
University Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg.
Project at the WSC Trainers and animals in standard situations
Favourite wolf tale Amarok (Tale of the Inuit)
Favourite animal at the WSC Tatonga

In my project I investigate the behaviour of the trainers against the animals in various "standard situations" to provide the possibility of a self-evaluation. Simultaneously I assist in the public relation. Thereby I'm alway allowed to be creative, something I mis in the nature-scientific setting.

I like the combination of intellectual challenge, the contact with the animals and the creativ activity very much.

My favoutrite animal at the WSC is at the moment Tatonga: she's incredibly light-footed an seems to own a good humor as well.

I came to the WSC, because I'm interested in wild animal ecology and at same time wanted to get coloser to my favourite animal - the wolf. A visit in the wildpark Ernstbrunn in March 2011 has impressed me very much and my decision to make an internship in this facility was clear.

The tale of "Amarok", the lonely giant wolf, hunting in the night all alone, is one of my favourite wolf tales, though it conveys a wrong image of the wolf. Amarok is merely an impressive legendary figure.

After my study of "Geographie, Nature Conservation and Grounds Maintenance" in Freiburg/Breisgau I orientated by different internships and work more in the direction of wild animal ecology. The ecology and the behaviour of wolves fascinate me and therefore I wanted to gain some experience at the WSC.

Apart from that I like to make music and it would be genious once to combine a song with the howl of Tatonga. She howlsin a wonderful minor harmony!