Lara Keeler

University Cardiff University
Project at the WSC Scientific Intern
With us since September 2017
Favourite animal at the WSC Etu und Asali

I am spending my time at the WSC as a scientific intern for eight months as part of my
degree. I am currently studying for my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Cardiff
University where I discovered my ever-growing interest in specifically animal behaviour,
along with animal conservation and ecology. I particularly enjoy the complex social
behaviour of pack animals such as wolves. From a young age, my parents taught me about
the importance of animals and my love for them immediately appeared, I grew up with dogs
and there has never been a time in my life when I haven’t had one.
Many people have a love for dogs, the humans best friend, however there are some
misunderstandings when it comes to their ancestors, the wolves. I am interested in learning
the effects of domestication and specifically how this has changed the behaviour of the
animals. The WSC is rare because it allows the direct comparison of dogs and wolves due to
the fact that they are both raised identically. The research that is carried out at the center is of
great importance as it allows people to be educated about these animals for the successful
cohabitation of humans and wolves.
Working here has already confirmed my decision to continue studying animal behaviour in
the future. My favourite part of being here is working with the wolves and dogs, seeing their
individual traits and qualities. Each individual reacts differently to every situation, whether it
is a test or a pack visit and you can even distinguish the wolves howls by ear from time to