Kata Rille

January - middle of June, middle of July - middle of december
Contact rille.kata@gmail.com
University Szent István Universität, Ungarn
Project at the WSC Food - aggression test
Favourite animal at the WSC Yukon, Nuru

During my first internship at the WSC I was offered to finish a scientific project running since 2009. For this I performed "food-aggression tests" with all of the dogs and wolves. That means I prepare the food for the different test set-ups. The tests are filmed and I analyze the tolerynce behaviour among the animals. The main goal is to find out the basic differences between dogs and wolves concerning aggression within the group. My personal aim is to publish the results of this study.

I really like to work here at my project, but also my daily duties. Things contributing to the well-being of the animals are just fun for me: to change water or the enrichment (i.e. to hide food in the enclosure and then to watch how the animals enjoy looking for it).

From the beginning I tried to have as much contact with the animals as possible for a student here. As I got acquainted more with the animals I found -due to their characters - to favourites: my favourite wolf is Yukon, she was very friendly to me at our first meeting. I was a little afraid during my first pack visit. Wolves are big animals for someone, who even never had a dog. But Yukon approached very slowly and patiently and stood a couple of minutes before me, until I was brave enough to stroke her. My favourite dog is Nuru. I watched him and his pack very often, each day over two months and he always slept at the fence, as near to me as possible. But of course I love here each dog and also each wolf.

I came here on an Erasmus student allowance (which could be prolonged). My main goal for the entire internship was to learn languages and to experience living in an foreign country. I preferred to go to Austria, because is the neighbour of Hungary and I wanted to stay in the near of my family and my friends. After the country was fixed I looked for available internships, A friend of my grandfather is Austrian and behavioural scientist and she knows Kurt Kotrschal. So she suggested, I should applicate at the WSC. That does not really match with my qualification - I studied agriculture sciences - but I was always interested in the behaviour of animals. 

Due to my study I gained at lot of work experience, but I never had anything to do with wild animals of behavioural research before. I' more use to work with domesticated animals. I worked as volunteer during the summer at riding stables and also for nearly one year at the research institute for medical plants (Gyógynövénykutató Intézet Kft/ Hungary). I like voluntary work if I have time and thus I performed various short-term jobs in different fields I'm interested in.

My greatest interest for the sparetime ist "Kendo", a japanese martial art, which I practise since three years. That's the only thing I miss, for here at the WSC I can't do it just casually...... But I think it's being worth.