Hannah Pepe

Contact hannah.r.pepe@gmail.com
Project at the WSC scientific intern
With us since September 2017
Favourite wolf book Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

I am a student studying Wildlife Conservation BSc at the University of Kent, England and currently doing a scientific internship at the Wolf Science Center for half a year. I have always loved wolves and dogs, and have a great interest in animal behaviour as I believe it is an important component of successful wildlife conservation. I believe that in researching how wolves behave, we increase our understanding of them and can educate others about their true nature. This will help conservation as they will become less misunderstood and hopefully more accepted as they begin to make a return to Europe. I am especially interested in how carnivores affect the whole ecosystem due to their top position in food webs, and their potential to re-shape the landscape here in Europe.

At the center I am helping with daily duties, touristic events and of course behavioural studies and tests. My two main projects that I am helping with is a master’s project comparing prosocial behaviour in wolves and dogs, and collecting samples for a PhD project looking at cortisol levels in wolves and dogs (a hormone giving indications about the stress that an animal is experiencing). I am really enjoying working with the wolves and dogs and getting to see the trainers working with them on a daily basis. My favourite part of working here so far is hearing the wolves howl, getting to walk through the wild park on your way to work, and of course the weekly pack visits.