Camille Basin

January 2016 - June 2016
University Strasbourgh
Project at the WSC Cooperation project and prosociality project
Favourite animal at the WSC Chitto, Kenai und Pepeo
Favourite howling Wamblee

I come from France and lived in a small village of Lorraine during all my childhood. My grandparents had a farm and I lived with many animals.  I always was the first one to bring back abandoned dogs and cats. Obviously, I could not keep all of them but I always arranged for them to be adopted by a member of my family. And this is how our “zoo” was created: dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, and fish were always a part of my everyday life.

Therefore, it was only natural for me to take the path to become a veterinarian. After my high school diploma in science, I did two years of preparatory school to pass the veterinary school’s entry exams. After that, I realized what I was really interested in is not to look after animals but to study their behavior. So, I got in a Master's degree course specialized in ecophysiology and ethology at the University of Strasbourg.

At that time, I was passionate about social animals and more particularly about the social canines. As to validate my Master's degree, I asked for an internship at the wolf science center and the positive answer was an enormous satisfaction for me. It is a real opportunity because this type of research center does not exist in France.

During my internship, I will do a follow up of two studies started by students who preceded me. The first project concerns the prosociality in wolves and dogs. We try to know if an individual will choose the condition where he is the only one to benefit or not.

In parallel, I take back the project concerning the cooperation in wolves and dogs. For this one, we use the very well-known string pulling test. I also look forward to the results especially for the young dogs with which I was able to begin the project from the training. The comparison between dogs and wolves could bring important answers for the cognition of both species.

With this well filled schedule, I enjoy every moment spent at the WCS with animals and I take pleasure to see the evolution of all animals.