Alexandra Kassis

September 2016 - February 2017
University University of Bern, Switzerland, Master of Ecology and Evolution
With us since Beginning of September 2016
Favourite wolf film Wolfblood, Kim and the wolves

I grew up in Switzerland (Basel). Always when we went on hikes with my family and my brother and I got bored, my dad used to tell us a story. A story about a king, himself, a princess, me, and a prince, my little brother. Those three experienced funny adventures and the princess was always supported by her loyal friends the wolves. I think that is how the first milestone was put and how my endless love for wolves started.

Also I really dislike the unsophisticated and not really broad-minded way Switzerland copes with wolves by shooting them down (after declaring them as child-eaters or after people feed them and thus they get less shy). I want to counteract that by showing how highly social wolves are. We forgot how to live together with other predators. 

My studies in Biology strengthened my main focus even more and in my master it became clear that I want to investigate the behaviour of animals. Especially the social cooperation in packs I consider very interesting. When I heard about the WSC and identified that they work with wolves AND dogs, I knew where I would like to go. I applied and after a short while I got approved in order to start here my observations for my master thesis. 

The project I will conduct at WSC is based on the cooperation-quality between animals and humans as their cooperator. I hope I will be able detecting wheatear animals identify who is a more promising cooperator and act accordingly by choosing this one more often.

I’m looking forward for an amazing stage at the WSC and of course I’m really thrilled and eager by the upcoming scientific insights.