Marianne Heberlein

With us since June 2009
Favourite animal at the WSC Apache, Rafiki

The scientific career of our puppies starts as soon as at the tender age of 3 weeks and participate in various tests. The coordination and the performance of these tests is part of my work at the WSC.  It's fascinating to watch how the animals change their problem-soving bahyviour with increasing age, how they react to different situations, e.g. when they are confronted time and again with new objects. for the scientific detemination of this development and also the differences between wolf and dog, data have to be statistically evaluated and is fortunately also part of my tasks.

I came to the WSC within the context of my PhD-time already three years ago. And until now I am not released from the fascitnation of these animals. The raising of the puppies, the work with them and with the adult anmals keep me spellbound time and again. The trust of dogs and also wolves in us is fascinating me always anew.

Apache and Cherokee arrived at the WSC nearly at the same time as I, they come from the same country as I, from Switzerland and quite often we three were accused stereotypically to be exemplary representatives of our nation, a little bit slow and unhurried. There nothing else remain to be done than to band together!

My darling among the dogs is Rafiki. Rafiki belongs to the first dog generation being raised at the WSC. That's actually something special. Additionally Rafiki is the brother of Alika and Alika became my dog. Of course that obliges. But it's not only their relatedness. Rafiki is and remains an eminently smashing dog!