The dolf
Gender female
Date of birth 07.05.2015
Origin Switzerland, Galahad’s Guardian
Breed Irish Terrier
Companion Marianne Heberlein

Freya is still young and acts like it. With her it's never boring and she's always good for a surprise. Freya is a happy, very active dog and likes to walk, jog, hike or run along with a bike. She's great company, whatever activity you choose. 

In the early summer of 2016, Freya found her true passion: the wolf pups. When she met our little Canadians, she was a bit uneasy at first. But soon she had taken them to her heart and decided to protect them against the whole world, if neccessary. Her happiness even increased, when the little Russians arrived. Unfortunately, the five young wolves grew up much too fast. However, it was also a good thing to be able to run around in the enclosure even faster with bigger wolves.

The jaunty puppy days are already over, now that the pups were integrated into the adult packs. But Freya and her wolf friends can still meet for a walk in the park. And Freya is always looking forward to these opportunities.