Cindy Voigt

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With us since June 2014
Favourite animal at the WSC Because our wolves and dogs are so different, it is impossible for me to choose one. The more I am working with the single individuals, the more important they are getting for me.
Companion Pan, Ava

Since June 2014, I am part of the trainer team and try to visualize as often as I can how special this job is. Before I came to the WSC, I studied “adventure and experience education” as a master study in Marburg (Germany). During this time, I spent three wonderful winters at a husky farm in the high north of Finland. This really strong and instructive period of my life, where I gained so much new experiences, was probably the reason I got this job. Despite I am not coming from the biology field, I learnt a lot about dogs and their behaviour in big groups there. The knowledge and the feeling for the animals is inevitable in my job. Therefore, I am very interested in the communication in dogs, and also in wolves. Here at the WSC, there are a lot of opportunities to experience the animals in different situations and to interpret and analyse their body language. At this, the brisk exchange between the trainer colleagues provides a good opportunity to broaden the own horizons too.

A life without dog is not imaginable for me and therefore I am really glad and thankful that I can follow my passion not just private but also as a profession.