Andrea Rieger

Animal Keeper & Trainer Assistant
With us since January 2017
Favourite animal at the WSC I love them all but especially my "godchild" Ela
Companion my cat Susi

I grew up in an old farmhouse in Vordernberg, a small village in Austria. This time left quite an impression, spending most of my time outdoors and especially in our neighbor's stable. Naturally, a profession enabling me to be around animals and in nature would have been great. 

But my professional career took a totally different direction. After some years in the accounting department of a brewery, and at an institute that offers programs for unemployed people, I took on a new challenge in 1990, and joined a Management Consulting Firm in Vienna. Since 2010 I am self-employed with office services, and an external meeting planner for my former company.

Some years ago I saw a short documentation about the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn and knew: “this is where I have to be!" But with no scientific background, as an assistant …? Over Easter last year, looking at pictures my cousin took, I came across the WSC again. Finally, my fascination of wolves took over. Visiting the WSC website, I discovered the possibility of a none-scientific volunteer internship.

Now the time has come to take action and follow my dream. I decided to apply for this position and, to my surprise, have been accepted. 

My six months turned out to be ten, and in January 2018 I started as an animal keeper and trainer assistant. It is a dream come true, to have this opportunity and I'm looking forward to some informative and interesting years at the WSC.