The first dog puppies!

February 2010

Three of our first dog puppies Image 1 of 5 Open lightbox

For the comparison with wolves we absolutely needed dogs!!

As all of our later arriving dogs, the first puppies were mongrels from hungarian animal shelters. The same as with the wolves we took them under care before they opened their eyes. Before they moved to the wildpark Ernstbrunn, the dog puppies stayed for the first 10 weeks with their foster-parents in Hungary.

We find it easier to raise dogs compared with the raising of wolves. Dogs are more house trained and at night not as agile as wolf puppies, who get a "play-attack" every few hours.

Little dogs do not play that rough and also do not bite into to toes of their raiser that often!

But that's not really surprising after many thousand years of domestication!

The dog puppies were raised downstairs in the still unrenovated forester's house. Today this house is the wonderful administration building of the WSC, at that time there were only naked rooms without electricity and running water.

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