Gentle rowdy

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Gender male
Date of birth 2009
Origin Hungary
Siblings Alika
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Alika, Bashira, Hakima, Kali, Kilio, Nuru, Pepeo, Tana & Yera

Rafiki is a calm, nice chap. Only in case another dog gets in his way, he can be "poisonous".

Rafiki …

... appearance

Rafiki is one of the more fine-boned pack members and also not as high as Maisha or Asali. He has a soft, long  brown-black coat, floppy ears and deep-lying brown eyes.

... with conspecifics

Since ever Rafiki wanted to be the alpha-animal. He has a calm, dominant character, watches a lot and is very relaxed. But he has to defend his leadership time and time again und thereby he can be quite vehement. Also food is confiscated by him very often. Normally he keeps out of troubles and like it quiet. His pack membersrespect and love him.

...at learning and in interaction with us

To us Rafiki shows his very tender, nice side, just at times interrupted by the attempst to hop into someone's face.  If he's not too stuffed, he can work very hard: walking smoothly at the leash, is very cooperative and pays attention to the trainer. In his leisure he likes to be stroked for hours.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Rafiki deals with new objects cool-headed, sometimes sniffing at them, sometimes having no interest at all. However pack enemies on the other side of the fence are met ear-deafening. Most often he successfully shoos them - his barking infects the whole pack and that's simply unbearable.

...at the veterinarian

Rafiki is used to veterinarian treatment and shows the routine of an expert. As he suffers from muscle weakness he must be examined regularly or get drugs. Most often he is very patient and well behaving. For at last he will be rewarded with delicious cheese and carressing!

... as puppy

Rafiki and his sister Alika were veritable bundles of energy. Preferably they darted together onto one of their playmates.

From the beginning Rafiki was one of the larger and stronger puppies and steamrolled everything crossing his way. He was a shrewd chap and  quasi "Rambo on four legs". Meanwhile Rafi became a bit mor calm and plays also with his smaller fellows cautiously. In the beginning Rafiki looked a bit unshaped, having a much too small head for a much too large body. Now he has developed into a great guy with the right proportions.

Rafi is positive minded against to the new and always very thankful for any kind of variations. With his sister he's one of the first in exploring new.

By what this tousled, black ball of wool is different from his a bit smaller "better half" is his far more sensitive character. Whereas Alika is not easy to be thrown off the track, Rafi shyly retreats now and then, if the situation is uncomfortable for him. Espescially with unknown persong Rafi is initially very shy. But being in a good mood he welcomes everyone - no matter wether two- or fourlegged - friendly and gushily and licks him from the top to bottom.

The most favourite position of Rafiki is to lie on the back. You can often watch him lying on his back and snapping with the fullest calmness at his playmates, while they try to draw him out of his shell. Rafi also prefers this position for sleepin and whenever one starts stroking him, his first reaction will be to ly onto his back.

But the utmost beloved activity of Rafi is to dash after the swab, when somenone wants to wipe the floor. This can become a real challenge, for Rafi is extremely speedy when he wants to get the fringes between his teeth. Once he's got them, he locks his jaws and never wants to let them go. Thus quite often one wipes the floor rather by Rafiki than by the swab.