The independent one

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Gender Female
Date of birth 22.07.2011
Origin Hungary
Pack Nia Pack;
together with Sahibu

The small Nia is a quite independent dog. She can also be quite excited when people are passing her enclosure but she prefers food over petting. Sometimes she is crazily asking to be stroked but most of the time she holds herself back and tries to get some food instead. 

Nia …

... appearance

Nia is our smallest dog. She has a short, sleek, allover light-brown-golden fur. Her discerning facial expression shows her independence and self-confidence. But yet, behind this cool front there is a delicate creature. Due to her smaller size compared to her pack mates, she tends to eat more than she actually needs, therefore we have to check regularly that she is not gaining too much weight.

... with conspecifics

In the puppy pack Nia was as cheerful as the other puppies. She was able to play for hours with Bora and Leila making content buzzing sounds all the time.

Now in the pack with Gombo and Sahibu - two of her sons -  she is the one who tells everyone what to do and where to go. If there is excitement in the pack, for example when people are coming to her enclosure - her favourite game is to wrestle with Sahibu or to run in circles in fullspeed in the enclosure.

However, if there is an unfamiliar dog passing the enclosure, she gets very excited and she is barking loudly and as long until the intruder is successfully chased away and the dog is going its own way again.
The female dogs of the other packs she doesn’t like either, but with them it is easy to distract her with food and we can pass her enclosure in peace with them. When we are passing her with wolves, however, this is a different story ... . learning and in interaction with us

Nia was always different from the other dogs of her "age group" by her independence towards humans. She quite likes us, enjoys it to be stroked through the fence - but once one sits in the enclosure it is more important for her to run and jump around and to tease her pack mates.

At the training she's not always able to stay focused. If something is not at her own will, she just waits, even when driving the humans crazy with it. However, because of aging and especially due to her motherhood she changed a lot. Since then she is actually always motivated to work and tries her best, as long as there is some nice food involved. The only things that reduce her motivation are if she already ate too much, which is not so hard due to her size and it can be already after two tests, or if there is pouring rain. In this case she rater stays in the dry huts.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With new objects Nia is very relaxed. At the "Novel Object Test", when the puppies were confronted with a big red ball, Bora and Layla nearly went crazy. Nia almost didn't notice the ball, but rather ignored it and stayed cool.

Unfamiliar people are more suspicious to her. Since she doesn't really seek for cuddling, the known faces seem to be enough for her  to cover her requirements of human contact.

... as puppy

As a puppy Nia was at times very ill and we had to fear for her. Fortunately she became as fit as a fiddle again.

Even as a midget she showed a great self-confidence and braveness, as well as today though she still is not the largest one.