Small but smart!

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Gender male
Date of birth 13.09.2010
Origin Hungary
Siblings Bashira
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Alika, Bashira, Kali, Kilio, Nuru, Pepeo, Rafiki, Tana & Yera

Hakima is something special as he can howl like the wolves. In addition this little rascal always has new ideas how to cause trouble. Yet is a very dear one - but not to be underestimated!

Hakima …

... appearance

He is wire-haired and quite small. In his sweet little eyes hids a resumable portion of waggishness ... Just being unattentive for a moment he jumps up on you and tears the until then not wired hair. Cheeky devil!

... with conspecifics

In his pack he always is -  alternating with Asali - the lowest ranking. In times of troubles , e.g. during the heat of the she-dogs - he often gets a nasty bashing.

...at learning and in interaction with us

Hakima is attentive and able to concentrate for al long time!

Against humans Hakima likes to play a thief. Just being unattentive for merely a second he puts his nose into the foodbag. When we visit the pack we have to watch out for Hakima. He loves biting in the hair. After he has calmed down he he occupies the lap of persons, who willingly stroke him.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Everything that's suspect to him, first will be barked on.  But at the "Novel Object Test"  he and his pack members acted even-tempered and curious about the new objects, that were placed by us in the enclosure.

... as puppy

As he is the brother of Bashira, he'salso not the largest and the heaviest. Btu he has a dominant character! Very often he plays boss - even in the presence of Meru, who weighs twice as much.

Sometimes Hakima is frightened by new things, but he is clever and the best one at the touchscreen. Now and then he also is unsafe, but as soon as he feels safe again, he is very cooperative.

If one is a small dog but good in jumping, that is of advantage. He is the only one being able to jump at the window board of the dog house and makes himself at home. Thus he often sits there and looks out of the window.

The little puppy Hakima also was known as living scarf. He loved lying like a scarf round the neck of his sleeping raiser and to bite a little the hair, what he still does until now.