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Gender male
Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Panya, Banzai, Pepeo
Pack Layla Pack;
together with Layla, Panya & Zuri

Enzi means "strong" and "confident" in Swahili. He got this name, because he was the heaviest and longest puppy. 

Enzi …

... appearance

Enzi and his siblings can be distinguished from other pack members by their long legs. Like his mother, Enzi is mostly dark coloured with a dark torso and head area. He has  some white spots on his breast and belly. On his snout, cheeks, legs and breast he also has some light brown spots. 

... with conspecifics

With conspecifics Enzi interacts quite diverese. He acknowledges Nuru's leadership and submits to him. On the other hand he takes every chance to engage in conflicts with his siblings, which can quickly turn into mobbing. Especially with his brother Pepeo, he sometimes has more serious conflicts, because they both haven't found their final position in the pack yet. 

...at learning and in interaction with us

Enzi learns quite quickly. In comparison so his siblings he is a bit calmer and therefore understands new problems a bit faster. He likes to work on the Touchscreen and scores very good results. He also likes the running belt. Although there are moments when he is hesistant, he always starts over and loves to run. 

... with strangers and unknown objects

Enzi likes strangers. Through his friendly character, he receives attention quickly and therefore also the - longed for - strokes. Towards unknown objects he is only insecure in the very beginning. He gets used to new situations quickly and then works with us in a very attentive manner. 

... as puppy

As puppy, Enzi tended to guard his resources. He defended his food and sleeping place - also when no one else was interested in it. He was a little troublemaker, who always managed to get in a fight - mostly with the three other males from the other litter. 
When he was exhausted, however, he was also sleeping among all the other dogs while trying to have as much body contact as possible. 
Towards humans, Enzi was already very open-minded as a puppy. Although he showed us quite early that he is intelligent, he often was disinterested and therefore did not score very high. But it was always possible to motivate him. A reward of some strokes was already sufficient to make him happy.